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Facts About the Presidents

Presidents Day is the day we honor our former chief executives by closing banks, pruning roses and selling towels. Find out more with the Who2 grab bag of presidential biographies and facts.

Presidents Day is a federal holiday where most Americans get together and agree on one thing: what the hell is Presidents Day?

We once honored President George Washington on this holiday. Celebrated  by some as 11 February (the flat-earthers who cling to the Julian calendar), Washington’s birthday, 22 February, WAS the federal holiday. 

Here’s a fun video that shows some people really celebrating Washington’s birthday:

We also once honored President Abraham Lincoln on his birthday, 12 February. 

In the late 1960s, the push for three-day weekends changed all that, and by 1971 there was just one holiday, the third Monday of February, officially called Washington’s Birthday.

Now most people call it Presidents Day, and we have some vague sense it’s in honor of somebody on this list:

The Presidents of the United States.

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Happy Presidents Day, Mr. Washington!

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