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Famous People Who Died in 2011: A Quiz

Photo of Amy Winehouse smiling vibrantly on the street, with dark hair

It is hard to remember that Amy Winehouse ever looked so fresh and vibrant, but she sure did in 2004. Time marches on.

Here’s our tribute to 15 famous people who died in 2011. How many can you name from these short descriptions and the months they passed away?

  • January: 1950s TV workout guru
  • March: Violet-eyed movie star
  • May: Dark-eyed terrorist
  • May: 1970s ‘Godfather of Rap’
  • June: End-of-life activist
  • July: 1970s First Lady
  • July: British neo-soul singer
  • July: 1960s sitcom creator
  • August: 1984 vice-presidential candidate
  • October: Silicon Valley superstar
  • October: Libyan dictator
  • November: 60 Minutes commentator
  • November: 1970s heavyweight boxer
  • November: ‘Circular’ artist of the funny pages
  • December: MASH and Dragnet actor

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