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Hank Aaron Forgives Mark McGwire

Baseball great Hank Aaron says that Mark McGwire has asked for his forgiveness for using steroids — and Aaron has granted it:
“I think that it’s wonderful that he did this,” said Hank Aaron, whose 755 home runs were the most in baseball history until Barry Bonds — indicted by a grand jury for allegedly lying about steroid use — broke the record in 2007. “It takes a big man to admit this and I want to commend him for that.
“He has asked for forgiveness. He has my forgiveness. If that’s all that stands in the way between him being inducted into Cooperstown we should all forgive him. I’m extremely happy he came out with this. Now baseball goes on to another chapter.”

Good for McGwire, and good for Hank Aaron — classy as always.

(Photo: Dimitri Halkidis/WENN)

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