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Sony Will Spell ‘Spider-Man’ Without S-a-m

Director Sam Raimi is out for Spider-Man 4. So are Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

The LA Times says all three have left the Sony Pictures project due to disagreements over the story, the money, and everything else. Sony plans to “reboot” the Spider-Man franchise with a new director and new stars, and move the release back to 2012.

Neither the studio nor Raimi could agree on the ultimate direction of the script, which was centered on the legendary comic book character’s becoming reinspired and falling in love with a new girl.

If that’s the case, it’s all for the best.  I don’t think I could stand another movie about Peter’s on-again, off-again romance of misunderstandings, with Mary Jane or anyone else. This is why Batman kept the ladies at arm’s length.  He’s a crimefighter, dang it!

And the movie isn’t the only Spider-Man in trouble, it seems.

This is not the only setback for the world-famous crime-fighter. A “Spider-Man” Broadway musical (in which Sony is an investor) has been delayed by creative and financial problems and with a budget in excess of $50 million is the most expensive musical in theater history. It’s unclear when — or even if — the musical will open.

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