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Happy Birthday, Elvis

Had Elvis Presley not died in 1977, he would be 75 years old today. Only 75 years old, I might add.

He was only 42 years old when he died, but he’d been a top star for 20 years at the time. Sure, his star was less bright by the time he died, but that was counterbalanced by how loyal his fans were (are). He became a national star after his 1956 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, and he had his last big hit in 1969 (“Suspicious Minds”). He made more than thirty movies. And he served in the Army (1958-60) without any break in his success.

Here are a few Elvis sightings in honor of his birthday:

A photo of Elvis with a Nikon camera is right here.

A photo of Elvis with Natalie Wood is right here.

A great archive of audio files, including interviews with Elvis and interviews about Elvis, is right here.

A gallery of photos from TIME/LIFE is right here.

Hey, here’s some film footage of Elvis driving a tractor at Graceland, from June of 1957:

And finally, how about spending your entire day listening to contestants singing karaoke Elvis?

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