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John Carpenter Looks Back On His Career

John Carpenter, the director of iconic films like Halloween and Escape from New York, discusses his movies, his career, and his life in this lively Q&A interview with film fanatic …..

Twitter page with Tom Petty's death announcement

Yes, Tom Petty is Dead, His Family Confirms

Full statement: — Tom Petty (@tompetty) October 3, 2017 Tom Petty is dead. His family confirmed the news late Monday night on Twitter. The full announcement read: On behalf …..

Chuck Berry Was Still Alive, Yes, But Now He’s Dead

Chuck Berry, the groundbreaking guitarist who’s on nearly everyone’s Mount Rushmore of rock ‘n roll, died today. If your first thought is, “Chuck Berry was still alive?”, you’re not alone. That was our …..

Elvis Presley in the Army

We see that the U.S. Army has a special page in its FAQ for the question, “What is the history of Elvis Presley’s military career?”

Liberace Museum to Close

The museum in Las Vegas that’s devoted to popular pianist Liberace — “Mr. Showmanship” — is going to shutter their doors after 31 years in business. I first read about it here.

Midwest Music Weekend: Nashville, Brazilbilly, and Salmon P. Chase

It’s been a musical Labor Day Weekend for the Who2 midwest HQ. Friday it was a jazz lunch at Cincinnati’s handsome Mercantile Library, with singer Kathy Wade and pianist Ed Moss:Historical homey Salmon P. Chase looked on with (presumably) approval:

Billion Dollar Jacko

According to this story from MTV News, the estate of pop legend Michael Jackson has generated $1 billion since his death almost a year ago. MTV News got their information …..

Happy Birthday, Elvis

Had Elvis Presley not died in 1977, he would be 75 years old today. Only 75 years old, I might add.

Garth Brooks’s Oozing Breakfast

What does a country power couple have for breakfast?  Apparently, an oozing mass called Garth’s Breakfast Bowl, which involves Tater Tots, pork sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese, tortellini and a dash of Elvis.  Brooks is “the first person I ever met who puts pasta with eggs an bacon, but it works,” Yearwood writes, adding, “Don’t worry if you can’t finish it; Garth will come along later and ‘clean up’!”The NY Times