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Happy Birthday, Wes Anderson!

Filmmaker Wes Anderson turns 44 years old today. See some videos in celebration.

First, this nice compilation of *most* of Wes Anderson‘s movies:

So we don’t forget Moonrise Kingdom (2012), here’s Bill Murray on the set, rambling along in that way Bill Murray has:

Because Wes Anderson fans pretty much love every thing that Wes Anderson does, here’s a video of Anderson and actor Jason Schwartzman walking through a Borders store, looking at CDs and DVDs. I’m guessing they were there for a signing of some kind, and showed up too early, so the shopkeepers talked them into killing time:

Finally, here’s a clip from Conan O’Brien, poking fun at Wes Anderson’s stylized movies, with “Wes Anderson’s Star Wars: Episode VII audition tape:

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