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Here is Your Craziest Wedding-Week Comment about Chelsea Clinton (So Far)

“After the Kennedys, she may be the closest thing we have to an American royal.”

Really, Boston GlobeChelsea Clinton?

I like Chelsea Clinton (and I like royalty!) but “American royal” seems like a nutty stretch for her.  I just don’t think of her that way. Does anybody?  

The Bush Twins should have at least as much claim on that title as anyone.  Or what about Malia and Sasha?  Do we really need a new unofficial royal family anyway?  I thought the Hilton sisters had that covered for us for the next 50 years, right into their inevitable Duchess of Windsor-style frightfully-skinny-and-grotesquely-made-up-aging-socialite period.  They look the part, they’ve got the money — why swap now?

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