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Is King Tut Cursing ‘Downton Abbey’?

Photo of the Downton Abbey cast, with the golden head of King Tut included among the faces

Just possibly:

“The stately home that stands in for [Downton] Abbey is Highclere Castle, the family seat of the Carnarvons. And it was the fifth Earl of Carnarvon who sponsored the search for the tomb of Tutankhamun, found by Howard Carter in 1922. The Earl was present at the formal opening of the long-lost tomb in the Valley of the Kings in February 1923. Six weeks later he was dead, from pneumonia and blood poisoning, launching a frenzy of rumours and a host of mysterious deaths — allegedly. At Highclere, it was said the Earl’s three-legged dog Susie howled in misery and died at the precise moment of her master’s death.”

Maybe it was Tut who insisted on casting Shirley MacLaine

At least now we know why the Downton Abbey theme sounds so much like the X Files theme.

»  Downton Abbey and the Curse of King Tut

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