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Jamie Foxx to Play Frank Sinatra?

Well, maybe. An “unnamed source” tells The Telegraph and Marie Claire UK that Jamie Foxx is “in the running” for the lead in a new Frank Sinatra biopic. (Martin Scorsese is directing.)

This “source” might be Jamie Foxx’s publicist, a studio flack, or a Cockney cabbie resembling Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory, for all the detail that’s offered.

Fox already played Ray Charles, so Sinatra is the natural progression. But contrary to claim, it wouldn’t be the greatest case of color-blind casting in Hollywood history. A few of the more notable cases:

  • Jimmy Stewart played trombonist Glenn Miller in The Glenn Miller Story and then jazz great Jelly Roll Morton in St. Louis Blues.
  • Nat King Cole had a cameo as General Eisenhower in the war epic The Longest Day.
  • Bing Crosby played both himself and Louis Armstrong in High Society.

Still, good luck to you, Mr. Foxx! The competition to play Sinatra is stiff, according to the same unnamed source: George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harry Connick, Jr. and Justin Timberlake.

[2015 Update: Gawker took credit for this rumor and says the whole thing was a gag. The Scorsese biopic of Sinatra was still “in the works” as of 2014 and the next year was said to be “tentatively scheduled” for a 2016 release.

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