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Photo of Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra ‘Gave Men License to Cry’

Frank Sinatra is 100 years old today, and Stephen Holden has a terrific notebook that captures so many truths about the man. Holden runs through a recap of all the …..

Liberace Museum to Close

The museum in Las Vegas that’s devoted to popular pianist Liberace — “Mr. Showmanship” — is going to shutter their doors after 31 years in business. I first read about it here.

‘Frank Sinatra Jr.’s Vegas Memories’

For some reason this story headline just cracked me up.  I guess if Frank Sinatra’s piping-hot memories aren’t available, Frank Sinatra Jr.’s lukewarm memories are the next best thing.  Turns out that “Frank Sinatra Jr.’s Vegas Memories” are mostly of the shrugging-the-shoulders variety.

“My Way” Killings

From the pages of The New York Times comes this bizarre story about killings in the Philippines over karaoke disputes. Specifically, it’s about how dangerous it is to sing the Frank Sinatra song “My Way.”Some karaoke bars have banned the song or removed it from their song lists, and the Philippines news media have “recorded at least half a dozen victims in the past decade,” in what they call “My Way Killings.”

Celebs As Santa: The Rat Pack

In honor of Peter Lawford’s 25th deathday… the Rat Pack in holiday mode.

Jamie Foxx to Play Frank Sinatra?

Well, maybe. An “unnamed source” tells The Telegraph and Marie Claire UK that Jamie Foxx is “in the running” for the lead in a new Frank Sinatra biopic. (Martin Scorsese …..