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John Connally, the Man Who Was Shot With JFK

Photo of JFK and John Connally in a long black limo, with the top open

Fate would place Kennedy and Connally so physically close together that minutes after the assassination, as doctors closed the bullet wound in the governor’s chest, they searched in vain for a wound that would explain the copious blood and soft tissue coating his head.

And then came the epiphany — the red ooze was not Connally’s, it was Kennedy’s.

Whew. Great article from the Dallas Morning News on Gov. John Connally, who was shot along with President John F. Kennedy in Dallas but survived.
Dallas Morning News
The Morning News also has a fine photo gallery from November 22nd, 1963, with some angles I’d never seen before. Seen above on the grassy knoll are Bill and Gayle Newman, the “closest civilian eyewitnesses to the assassination.” They instinctively fell to the ground and shielded their children with their bodies. 
And from earlier that day, proof that some things never change:
Photo of a protester holding a sign accusing JFK of
“Because of high regard for the presidency I hold you JFK and your blind socialism in complete contempt!”  


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