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John Muir and ‘Stickeen’

Naturalist and adventurer John Muir was born 170 years ago today, in 1838.

Muir was an early explorer of California (on foot, incidentally) and was the force behind the creation of Yosemite National Park. He’s also the guy on the California quarter. (As an aside, see our own cranky take on quarters and heroes.)

But all this is just an excuse to point out that in 1909 Muir wrote one of the best canine adventure tales this side of Jack London. He titled it Stickeen: The Story of a Dog.

In a brisk 7900 words, Muir tells of a perilous day on an Alaskan glacier with only a plucky mutt, Stickeen, for a companion. It’s a true story, too.

Stickeen is best read by turning pages in front of a fire with hot chocolate, but the e-version is the next best thing.

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