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‘Josef Pwag’ is My New Favorite Screen Name


Meet Josef Pwag — the top secret phony-passport pseudonym of Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Josef Pwag, really?

So says Reuters, reporting that Kim and his father, Kim Jong-il, had the fake passports made up just in case they needed to blend in as natural-born South Americans:

“They used these Brazilian passports, which clearly show the photographs of Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Il, to attempt to obtain visas from foreign embassies… This shows the desire for travel and points to the ruling family’s attempts to build a possible escape route.”

Just the everyday son of Ricardo and Marcelo Pwag, don’t you know. Nothing to see here. (Would anyone be surprised if Josef was a dictator’s tribute to Nazi terror doctor Josef Mengele, the original “Boy from Brazil“?)

The passports were issued in 1996 with a stamp reading “Embassy of Brazil in Prague,” says Reuters, and the Kims may actually have used them to travel to Brazil, Japan and Hong Kong.

Photo of Kim Jong-un(North Korean News Agency)

With his current haircut, Mr. Kim is going to have a hard time passing for anybody but himself. Still, it’s nice to think of him trying to sneak into the Singapore Hyatt for a little R&R as Josef Pwag. For that matter, has anyone checked the Korean bobsled team to make sure Josef Pwag wasn’t driving the four-man sled in Pyeongchang?

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