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  • I wonder why people are so captivated still. Wasn’t this the same year that Nicole Brown Simpson was killed? Weird year, sad examples of how much life is worth to some. I always imagine what it would have been like to be Nancy, all that work and cost for so long and someone injures her. I remember asking my Mom and she said after a while, people turned it around in Nancy Kerrigan and said she was a brat and stuff. I like her though, she seems really nice and has a happy family.

    • We live in Boston and Nancy Kerrigan shows up in the paper now and then. Yes, sounds like she’s living the family life there. (I wonder if her kids are skaters?)

      I was *also* living in Portland when Tonya Harding first became famous, and it’s kind of hard to remember how unusual a figure she was then. Even before the whacking she stood out. Good point about Nicole Brown Simpson, though — had forgotten that.

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