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Photo of Kim Jong-un

‘Josef Pwag’ is My New Favorite Screen Name

Meet Josef Pwag — the top secret phony-passport pseudonym of Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Josef Pwag, really? So says Reuters, reporting that Kim and his father, Kim Jong-il, had the fake passports …..

Kim Jong-il, Super Jock

He bowled a 300 game, shot a 34 for 18 holes in his very first round of golf, and knocked out Muhammad Ali in a three-round exhibition bout. Which of these achievements did Kim Jong-il not claim?

Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things

North Korea’s dear leader gets his own Tumblr. Now we know what his days have in common with Queen Elizabeth’s. { Hat tip: TNW }

Kim Jong-il Becoming Less Rational, If That’s Possible

“Pyongyang is becoming less calculating, less rational and less Machiavellian than it used to be. And this is not good news.”Only in North Korea does “less Machiavellian” equal bad news.  But so says North Korea expert Andrei Lankov, assessing the rumors swirling around everyone’s favorite modern-day czar, Kim Jong-Il.

‘Dear Leader’ or Dead Leader?

The Japanese papers are struggling to read the kimchi leaves about the health of Kim Jong-Il.