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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Attacker Goes to Jail

It’s two years in the slammer for Aretha Wilson, the woman who in 2005 crashed a party and jabbed a broken beer bottle into the face of actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Read the brief news item here.

Then think about how it says Aretha Wilson “mistook” Leonardo DiCaprio for an ex-boyfriend. The party she crashed was thrown by Rick Saloman, who at the time was Paris Hilton‘s boyfriend.

So… you just decide to crash a party at Paris Hilton’s, and you see Leonardo DiCaprio there, and you think it’s your ex-boyfriend, so you stab his face with a broken beer bottle. I think we’ve all been there, in that space in our minds.

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  • If it had been a woman slashed by her party crashing ex-boyfriend there would be a lot of angry comments in here… Even men with the fame and fortune of Leonardo DiCaprio are expendable. Who could have guessed! Oh well, at least DiCaprio is smart enough not to marry. Let’s hope his intelligence does not fade with time.

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