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Louis C.K. and SNL

Read about Louis C.K.’s long sort-of relationship with Saturday Night Live.

Louis C.K., the star and creator of the series Louie, will be making his debut on SNL on November 3rd. But it’s not as if he’s a stranger to the scene, according to the Splitsider article, “C.K. and SNL: Louie’s 19-Year Backstory with the NBC Sketch Show.”

Read the article. Because it tells all about C.K.’s 1993 audition — he didn’t make the cut, obviously — and because it includes several videos of work that Louis C.K. did for Robert Smigel’s TV Funhouse cartoons that appeared on Saturday Night Live, mostly from the late 1990s.

And while you’re here, you may as well watch this scene from Louie:

And don’t forget to read the Louis C.K. biography on Who2.

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