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Gabrielle Union Turns 40

Brrr, it’s old in here. There must be a birthday in the atmosphere — for Gabrielle Union, the star of Bring It On.

Yes, Gabrielle Union turns 40 today. She led the Clovers in the 2000 cheerleading movie epic Bring It On.

True, Gabrielle Union wasn’t the STAR star of Bring It On. That role was played by the white girl, whose name I forget, except that it’s Kirsten Dunst.

Nowadays, Union is making ads for President Barack Obama, dating basketball star Dwyane Wade and having a birthday bash that included Will “Fresh Prince” Smith actually rapping.

She’s also mourning the accidental death last Friday of her Bring It On co-star, Natina Reed, who was hit by a car and killed in Atlanta.

In a way, Gabrielle Union sort of “works” for President Obama. He appointed her to the National Committee for Violence Against Women in 2011. Union is open about how she was raped at gunpoint when she was 19 years old.

She’s also happy to be dating DWade, the basketball star. He’s nearly ten years younger than Gabrielle. You’d never know that just by looking at her, as this VH-1 photo spread shows.

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