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Manchester City Championship Photos: 1968 vs. 2012

A photo of two rows of skinny shirtless pasty-skinned 30ish guys raising paper cups of champagne in an old locker room

How have soccer celebrations changed? Here’s Glyn Pardoe (back row, left end) on what happened after Manchester City won the league in 1968: 

“We drove back that night and stopped off at a hotel on the way for a drink and a meal, but it was quite subdued really. It was a lot quieter than you would imagine on the coach as we reflected on what we had achieved, but inside we were anything but.
We’d all left our cars in Manchester and had to drive home when we got off the coach so none of us were able to celebrate much that night. We made up for it though over the summer.”
Things looked a bit different Sunday after Manchester City snatched the title again for the first time in 44 years. 
Four youngish muscular dark-skinned men smiling and crowding into a photo together in a modern wood-paneled locker room
The after-party was a bit bigger this time around, too.
A bus loaded with Manchester City football players rolls through a crowd in a massive parade
A closer shot of the bus loaded with Manchester City football players as they wave to huge crowds
A silly and funny photo of a family with faces painted blue (for Manchester City) and wearing funny hats at the parade

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