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F. Scott Fitzgerald pictured at his writing desk, but now wearing a modern football helmet

College Football Time is F. Scott Fitzgerald Time

Blustery September Saturdays mean it’s time for an annual reading of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s sporting masterpiece The Bowl. This is not The Cut-Glass Bowl, Fitzgerald’s more famous (and gloomier) short …..

Russell Wilson Biography: New!

The kid who was “too short” for the NFL is now the winning quarterback of Super Bowl 48.

Sportscaster Pat Summerall Died

Pat Summerall has died, at the age of 82. I don’t even watch sports on TV, but I still recognize Pat Summerall as one of the greats when it comes to TV broadcasters.

Andrea Pirlo’s Cheeky Chip to Beat England

Which is cooler: Andrea Pirlo’s right-down-the-middle chip-shot penalty kick for Italy vs. England, or his utter calm as he trots back to midfield after?

Peyton Manning Goes to Denver

NFL quarterback Peyton Manning is going to the Denver Broncos, they say. What will happen to Tim Tebow?

40 Years of Football Tears

On a night just like this in 1971, a legend was born. The legend that the movie Brian’s Song is the only movie that will make a grown man cry. I weep that there are men who can cry so easily.

Teddy Roosevelt and the History of Football

 This week the blog for has an article called “Score One for Roosevelt,” recounting how President Teddy Roosevelt helped “save” American football.

Tom Brady May Talk To You While Passing

“He can be talking throughout a play, the play can be actually running and he could be talking to you. He is on top of it. I remember a play we had and he was talking to me during the play and he had the ball in his hands, he was about to throw and he was talking to me about something that was going on.””…Sometimes a play might be designed for me to stay and block but he might tell me to ‘go ahead on and go,’ so, I go [out for a pass].”

Robots Can’t Placekick Worth Beans

Veteran NFL kicker Joe Nedney took on a robot this week for the placekicking championship of the world.  Nedney is 234 pounds and 77 inches tall.  The robot, Ziggy, is an intimidating 340 pounds and 14 inches.Who prevailed? Let’s go to the tape.

David Beckham’s Achilles ‘Totally Torn’

David Beckham suffered a full tear of his Achilles tendon on Sunday, according to Dr. Sakari Oraval, the Finnish surgeon who repaired the injury yesterday. Beckham is out for the World Cup:Asked whether Beckham would be able to play in the World Cup that starts on 11 June, Orava replied: “No, I don’t think so… healing takes a long time.

DVD Review: ‘Harvard Beats Yale 29-29’

Harvard Beats Yale, 29-29Documentary – 2008Viewed on: Saturday night, 20 February 2010Pre-movie meal: French onion soup, fries, and a Dr. Loosen Riesling