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Mary Elizabeth Winstead Biography: New!

We have a new biography of actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who you may remember from Death Proof or Live Free or Die Hard.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been called by some the “queen of scream,” thanks to her lead role in Final Destination 3 and her turns in The Ring 2 and Black Christmas.

But I don’t see too many horror movies, so I think of her as being the daughter of Bruce Willis in the fourth Die Hard movie, and, more pointedly, as poor, unfortunate Lee, the model friend who gets left behind so that her pals can have a scary-exciting car chase in Death Proof, the Quentin Tarantino half of the movie Grindhouse.

Delightfully tall — which is what killed her dancing career early on — Winstead is adept at playing a lovely innocent. Maybe that all changes with her 2012 film Smashed, in which she stars as the addiction-troubled wife of Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul.

An up and coming movie star, so they say. Who2 now has a biography of Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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