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Mel Blanc, The Best in Cartoon Voices

Mel Blanc voiced Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam and many other Looney Tune characters. Learn all about him, and watch a short video that could have been titled, “Wanna See Something Gross?”

Because what makes you more interested than “wanna see something gross?”? I suppose there are fans of “whoa, this really stinks, smell this!”

But the internet, despite all the crowing about creating a “virtual reality,” isn’t so good at smell. Or touch. Or taste. Still, the internet has a nearly 20% success rate at recreating sight and sound, and that makes it the best thing going.

When it comes to Mel Blanc, let’s get it over with — do you wanna see something gross? Then watch this video of Mel Blanc’s vocal cords:

Wow! Now, if you have the time, watch this hour-long documentary about Mel Blanc’s long career, from his high school drop-out roots in Portland, Oregon to his place in animation history as the best guy ever.

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