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Mitt Romney’s Tax Teaser: What Was He Thinking?

Photo of Mitt Romney standing in a crowd of 'Romney for President' signs

Politico wonders why Mitt Romney would release a teaser of his taxes instead of releasing nothing or everything:

“My initial reaction to it is, once again, the Romney campaign wants the worst of both worlds,” said Democratic strategist Jonathan Prince. “All the summary does is raise lots of questions on what the summary hides. At the same time, it completely left everyone hungry for more. … (And) they’re conceding that (that) information is somewhat relevant to being asked for and they’re also continuing to hide it. It’s not like they’re trying to have it both ways — they’re trying to lose it both ways.”

Mitt Romney deserves everything he gets on this issue. His refusal to release his complete tax returns for the last decade is un-conservative and un-American. He expects people to vote for him while he keeps them in the dark?  

What is he hiding, anyway? There must be something mighty ugly in those returns for him to go to such contortions to keep them hidden. If this little trick goes badly for him, so much the better for openness and sunshine in our elections.

Former Ohio governor Ted Strickland, who is playing the attack dog role for Barack Obama this year, isn’t letting up:

“Mitt Romney releasing his tax summary Cliff’s Notes and expecting us to really understand his tax situation, how much he paid, when he paid them, under what conditions, would be like someone who went to see ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ thinking they understood the meaning of the Civil War.”

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