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Neil Armstrong Buried at Sea: Photos

Photo of a ship's deck with sailors holding a flag over Neil Armstrong's urnNASA photo by Bill Ingalls

Neil Armstrong has been buried at sea.

The cremated remains of the first man to walk on the moon were committed to the Atlantic Ocean from the deck of the guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea.

Families are not typically present for this type of burial because they take place from the side of a deployed ship. An exception was made in Armstrong’s case. His wife, brother, sister and sons were on board for this service. Armstrong’s widow, Carol, dropped his ashes into the water after the ceremony.

Photos of Neil Armstrong’s burial follow.

Photo of Neil Armstrong's urn being placed on deck by sailorsNASA photo by Bill Ingalls

Members of the U.S. Navy ceremonial guard place the urn on the deck of the Philippine Sea.

A photo of Neil Armstrong's wife and his son, sitting on deck with heads bowedNASA photo by Bill Ingalls

Carol Armstrong, the wife of Neil Armstrong, and his son Eric “Rick” Armstrong bow their heads during the service before Neil Armstrong’s burial at sea. Carol Armstrong was Armstrong’s second wife; Rick Armstrong is his son from his first marriage.

A sailor dressed in white plays a trumpet alone on a ship's deckNASA photo by Bill Ingalls

Gunnar Brunig, Chief Musician for the United States Navy Band, plays taps during the burial at sea service.

Photo of Neil Armstrong's wife Carol kneeling with his urn beside the ship's railingNASA photo by Bill Ingalls

Neil Armstrong’s wife Carol, helped by US Navy Lieutenant Commander Paul Nagy, prepares to pour his remains into the Atlantic Ocean.

Sailors dressed in white fire their guns over the waterNASA photo by Bill Ingalls

The 21-gun salute, with seven sailors in dress whites firing three times. No explorer ever deserved it more!

A wide view of the deck of the Philippine Sea during the serviceNASA photo by Bill Ingalls

A wider view as the flag is folded during the service.

A Navy officer knees as he presents a folded flag to Neil Armstrong's wifeNASA photo by Bill Ingalls

Capt. Steve Shinego, commanding officer of the Philippine Sea, presents the American flag to Carol Armstrong at the end of the service.

NASA has still more photos on its excellent Flickr photostream.

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