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New American Idol Judges

Thank goodness, the wait is over, and now we know who the judges will be for the next season of American Idol.

Former pop star, movie star and tabloid star Jennifer Lopez will join the panel, and so will Steven Tyler, the sometime-former-maybe frontman for the rock group Aerosmith.

Kara DioGuardi is out after two seasons.

Ellen DeGeneres is out after one season (she has another job anyway).

Simon Cowell is out after a whole bunch of seasons.

But, hey, dawgs! Randy Jackson is still there!

Lopez says she’s excited to be part of the process, and Tyler says he wants to “bring some rock to this roller coaster!” Good luck with that one, Steve.

In their honor, here are some video clips. The first is of J-Lo, back when she was Jenny From the Block and one of the “fly girls” from the comedy show In Living Color. The second is a news report about Steven Tyler’s New Hampshire roots and his love of motorcycles.

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