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Nicholas Hoult Biography: New!

Who2 has a new biography of English actor Nicholas Hoult. See videos of his early roles, including About a Boy and Skins, and his two new movies, Warm Bodies and Jack the Giant Slayer.

Nicholas Hoult, they say, was “discovered” when he was a toddler, by a stage director. While going to acting school as a kid, Hoult was working in British TV, from about the age of 7.

His big screen breakthrough came with his role as Marcus, the bullied, sensitive lad who teaches that cad Hugh Grant a thing or two in 2002’s About a Boy. Grant is thoroughly upstaged by the pubescent Hoult.

Since that critically-acclaimed work, Hoult’s steadily worked in UK productions, most memorably as Tony in the series Skins. Tony, that young hottie who didn’t care about nuffin’ but his own bad self.

This year, Hoult has already shown his muscle as a young star. He’s the lead in Warm Bodies, a zombie romantic comedy, a zom-rom-com. And if you go see that movie in the theaters, you’ll probably see Hoult in the trailer for the upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer.

Here are some old videos, as well as his two newest trailers:

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