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Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Address: Transcript

President Barack Obama delivered his 2012 State of the Union address last night, playing to that always-packed Odeon high on Capitol Hill.

It was Obama’s fourth State of the Union address, and his last before the elections of 2012.

The NY Times has a fine interactive transcript that makes it easy to skip forward to text and video of any topic. And there were a lot of topics:

00:00 Opening Remarks
02:39 “The America Within Our Reach”
03:37 Economic Challenge and Recovery
08:59 American Manufacturing
11:48 Corporate Tax Reform
14:10 Fairness in Foreign Trade
16:30 Training Skilled Workers
18:56 Education
21:39 Affordable Higher Education
25:19 Supporting Innovation
27:17 Oil and Natural Gas
29:53 Clean Energy
33:54 Infrastructure Projects
35:22 Housing Market and Mortgages
37:22 Corporate and Financial Regulation
42:13 Taxes and “The Buffett Rule”
47:33 Money in Politics
49:32 Bipartisanship
53:11 The Middle East
55:45 Iran
56:48 Global Influence
58:55 Military Spending
01:14 Closing Remarks; Appeal to Unity

The White House also went all out with some cool features, like the roll-over chart showing the 21 super-symbolic people crammed into the First Lady’s box along with Michelle ObamaJill Biden, and advisor Valerie Jarrett.

If we may make a bipartisan suggestion for the future: It’s time to give up the whole gag of heroes and symbols being seated in the First Lady’s box. (Skutniks, they’re called.) It was fine the first time, but now it’s just silly. Please, just get on with the speech.

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