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Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin In… The Hangover?

What if today’s hit movies had been made 50 years ago? Peter Stults imagines the posters.

Faux-old poster for 'The Hangover' with Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, and Jack Lemmon

“A Blake Edwards production” — heh! Love the Muhammad Ali touch.  Another goodie:

Faux-old poster for 'Avatar' starring William Shatner and Natalie Wood

It’s all a twist on an idea from Sean Hartter, who’s been doing similar posters for years. One of his best:

Faux movie poster for 'Kill Bill' with John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe

(That image of John Wayne as Genghis Khan is the gift that just keeps on giving, isn’t it? “History’s most improbable piece of casting unless Mickey Rooney were to play Jesus in King of Kings.”)

See more posters.

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