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Raising Supermodels Like Wine Grapes

“I researched the genetic makeup of the city on the Internet… we like small towns, with Italian and German lineage, with people that live and work in the field and villages.  This helps keep the genetic makeup more concentrated.”

That’s from Finding Supermodels in Brazil, a fascinating little video about talent scouts working in the region of rural Brazil where Gisele Bundchen was discovered at age 13.

It’s kinda crazy, sure, but so is scouting 12-year-old baseball players in the Dominican Republic. Still, it’s a laugh at the end to hear Alessandra Ambrosio (discovered at age 11!) say that she thinks people now want to see “real bodies” in magazines.  There’s an age-old comment that people will still be making hopefully, and fruitlessly, in the year 2200.

But not to be sour about it. The New York Times has really been doing some great work win their video department.  Here’s another fun one, with sportswriter William Rhoden talking to Wynton Marsalis about improvisation in jazz and basketball.

(Hat tip: Mr. Duffy)

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