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Rebecca Black Pulls “Friday” From YouTube

What kind of world is it that won’t let me see what some people consider the worst music video in the world?

Yesterday singing teen Rebecca Black pulled her video “Friday” from YouTube. That is, the people who produced it, Ark Music, were told to remove the video because they don’t own the copyright.

Rebecca Black has lawyers! Most people have to wait until they’re, like, 15 or 16 before they get a team of attorneys.

I hope to turn this into a campfire story for my grandchildren someday: “… and then one day, this song that everybody absolutely hated could no longer be seen on the innernettes, and the world got so mad!”

“Tell it again, Grampaw!”

Of course, if you search really, really hard, I’ll bet you can find at least some copy of that video that isn’t a parody.

Because this is the Modern Age, where nothing ever really goes away, especially if it’s annoying.

(Photo: Rebecca Black and her mother, Georgina Kelly. Credit: Nikki Nelson and

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