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Idris Elba Meets Mumford and Sons

Idris Elba — Stringer Bell from The Wire — directs and stars in a new music video from Mumford & Sons.

A Wonderful Prank in Pink

From Holland, a funny video of “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Pink,” in which a little brother learns a lesson.

36 People Playing a Radiohead Song

Congratulations to YouTube user OHADI22 for this edit of the song “Paranoid Android” by the U.K. band Radiohead:

Paul McCartney’s Video Contest

Anybody can have a YouTube channel. Even singer Paul McCartney, who was once a member of the group The Beatles, and who has since been crowned a Lord High Bannister Earl of The Court Order for the Empire (by Queen Elizabeth himself). So now we call him Sir Paul McCartney.