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Ron Paul Hates the Feds But Loves the Keds

Photos of Ron Paul with black tennis shoes and a sitting cross-legged in a baggy suit
There’s Romney with his slicked-back hair and perfectly tailored suits, Santorum with his overt rolled-up shirt sleeves and Mr. Rogers sweater vests, and Gingrich with his dark suits straining at the buttons.
And then there’s Ron Paul. In lopsided jackets many sizes too big, trousers so baggy they could pass as harem pants, and black orthopedic “referee” sneakers, Paul has distinguished himself during election season as the least sartorial of the bunch.
According to G. Bruce Boyer, style expert and author of the recent Gary Cooper: Enduring Style, Paul exudes a very “homogenized” look. It’s not, he says, “an Ivy League look, it’s not a British look, it’s not an Italian look. It’s just nothing.”
But wait: what if “nothing” is actually a plus? 
“Ron Paul is the most honest in his image… He’s the guy who’s most comfortable in his own skin and his own clothes. He gets up there in his medium-priced, ill-fitting suits and says, ‘This is what I’ve always worn. Take it or leave it.'”
Photo slideshow here.

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