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Rush Limbaugh in the Hospital

Radio host Rush Limbaugh is “resting comfortably” in a Hawaiian hospital, after suffering mysterious chest pains while on vacation.

That’s what this report from ABC News says.

Rush’s official site confirms the news and has updates on his condition.

News accounts — but not Rush’s site — make it a point to mention Limbaugh’s former (?) addiction to painkillers. Granted, it’s a legitimate issue to raise, given that the news account included that Rush had told an emergency medical team he had taken medication for back pain. And it was back pain that led to Rush’s earlier addiction to prescription medication — and the 2003 scandal that erupted when he was caught buying extra piles of pills illegally. He paid a $30,000 fine for that (we wish we knew how much per pill that is), and marched forward into healthful living, so it’s said.

It sure sounds like Rush had a heart episode of some kind, however, and not a drug addiction episode. The news also mentioned that he’d been on vacation in Hawaii since December 13th. Do you suppose he was there to surf with President Obama?

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