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Sawyer to Cronkite: In Your Face, Old Man!

Photo of Walter Cronkite

CBS News

It’s not really Diane Sawyer‘s fault.  It was Dan Rather who was eager to hop into Walter Cronkite‘s anchor chair in 1981.  CBS News, to its shame, forced Cronkite out to keep Rather happy.  (CBS has always claimed that retirement at 65 was “network policy” — good for a horselaugh from the same network that has Mike Wallace working 60 Minutes at age 91.  Rather himself was 73 when he gave up the anchor chair in 2005.)

Dan Rather tried to play nice after Walter Cronkite died earlier this year, but I’m not buying. He’s officially the villain and yes, I’m still bitter about it.

CBS is still using Cronkite’s voice to introduce The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, which I regard as a tacit admission from the network that they blew it in 1981.

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