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Spock vs. Spock: For Audi!

Boldly going where no ad has gone before:

Tip of the Vulcan cap to Audi for this great new online ad, starring Leonard Nimoy vs. Zachary Quinto in a battle of the Star Trek Spocks. It’s loaded with witty Trek references, from the 3-D chess game to Nimoy dropping a Bilbo bomb.

There’s your future of advertising: wooing people to watch a 3-minute product placement for your car. Bonus points to Audi for a Star Trek II reference that isn’t William Shatner shouting “Khaaaan!”

But then, Shatner just appeared in his own funny ad, for a Star Trek video game:

“All right, now you’re overacting.”

Yes, that’s the Gorn from the famous 1967 “Arena” episode of Star Trek. As much as I love Captain Kirk and the Gorn, I must give the edge to Audi here. It just sells a little harder.

Zachary Quinto v. Leonard Nimoy: The Challenge »

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