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Steven Soderbergh is 50

A photo of Stephen Soderbergh, bald and smiling with a pink tie, at a film festival

Smart director Steven Soderbergh has turned 50. He was born on January 14 of 1963 — the same year (if not day) as Quentin Tarantino and Conan O’Brien. His films include the Oscar-winning Traffic and the way-way-way underrated crime romance Out of Sight.

Soderbergh has been saying for awhile that he plans to retire soon:

“When you reach the point where you’re like, ‘If I have to get into a van to do anther scout I’m just going to shoot myself,’ it’s time to let somebody else who’s still excited about getting in the van, get in the van.” 

In fact, he says he “turns into a pumpkin” this month.  But here’s hoping he comes back. He’s a good one.

His new (last?) thriller, Side Effects, will be released next month.

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