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Hank Aaron and Larry King are Dead

Hank Aaron and Larry King had nothing in common, except for fame in their chosen fields. And now that both are dead, they have a second connection: Covid-19. Hank Aaron …..

What A Day It Was!

May 25th: a day that will live in non-infamy!

A Salute from Private Babe Ruth (Really!)

Given the normal image of Babe Ruth as a hard-drinking, skirt-chasing home run machine — and given that he played major league baseball from ages 19 through 40 — this …..

Phony Presidential Trivia

Here’s a swell new Onion interview with writer John Hodgman.He’s the dowdy “PC” on Apple TV ads, and a regular on Jon Stewart’s show. He’s also the author of the fake-trivia books The Areas of My Expertise and More Information Than You Require.