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Mug shot of Bill Cosby, in a grizzled gay beard and salt-and-pepper sweater, looking grim

Is Bill Cosby Legally Blind?

Bill Cosby had to be propped up on both arms by lawyers yesterday as he hobbled into court for his arraignment and mug shot.  He carried a cane and stumbled over the …..

Bill Cosby Biography: Updated With Felony Charges

Until today, our Bill Cosby biography included the phrase “Bill Cosby has never been charged with a crime.” That all changed with the news that Bill Cosby has been charged …..

Bill Cosby is Back in the Navy

Comedian Bill Cosby was made an honorary chief petty officer by the U.S. Navy this week.

A young man in an old-fashioned football jersey with the number 39

From Dropout to Doctorate: A Bill Cosby Educational Timeline

{Editor’s note: First published on December 5, 2010. See our Bill Cosby biography for updates on his later convictions and imprisonment.} “My father said, ‘Junior, it takes a man to play …..

Reelin’ in the (37) Years

That hair!  Those crushed velvet pants!  That Bill Cosby moustache! Yes, it’s Steely Dan on The Midnight Special in 1973.