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George Hamilton is the New Colonel Sanders, If You Can Believe That

George Hamilton is Colonel Sanders. Yes, you read it right. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s wonderfully bizarre reboot of its corporate icon is continuing with new ads featuring the extra-tan actor as the “extra-crispy Colonel.” If you …..

Kentucky Fried Shogun

Colonel Sanders is a hit in China, as we once noted.  Now here’s proof that he’s also a revered figure in Japan:

Happy 120th Birthday, Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried (‘Call Me KFC’) Chicken, was born on this day in 1890.  He’s been gone for 30 years now.Meanwhile, Hugh Grant is 50.

Colonel Sanders Impersonators: Are These the Worst Ever?

We came across this archival beauty while adding photos to our profile of Colonel Harlan Sanders. The five men pictured are taking part in a Colonel Sanders lookalike contest held in Beijing, China in 2007.