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The Boston Public Garden Is Not Quite Ready for Spring

A photo of Boston Garden's pond with no water and a bare muddy bottom

Here’s what the lagoon at the Boston Public Garden looks like on a sunny March day. Caught in its bathrobe, you might say.

The lagoon will be filled sometime between now and April, when the Swan Boats start their summer service.  Here’s how it will look then:

Photo of Swan Boat in the Boston Public Garden lagoon, full of beautiful water

That’s more of the picture postcard view.

The Swan Boats are a local fixture, of course, and it turns out that a lot of famous people have taken the ride: Lucille Ball, James Mason, Colonel Sanders, Princess Grace, and Supreme Court Justice David Souter, among others.  Also, “Matt Damon and Melissa Etheridge, though not at the same time.” 

It’s pleasant to imagine James Mason floating along, looking casually over the side and saying in that James Mason-y voice: “Very nice, yesss. Very nice.”

This Boston winter has been mild, and the forecast calls for sunny and 64 degrees today.

The good news: even if there’s no water, you can still feed the ducks on a sunny day.

Two men sit under the bridge and toss bread to ducks on the muddy lake bottom

They’ll be making way for ducklings soon enough.

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