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Elizabeth Taylor Late for Her Own Funeral

Per her own request!”The service was scheduled to begin at 2 PM but at Miss Taylor’s request
started late. Miss Taylor had left instructions that it was to begin at
least 15 minutes later than publicly scheduled, with the announcement,
‘She even wanted to be late for her own funeral.'”See our biography of Elizabeth Taylor >>

Wedding Biz Fizzle: Liz Says No Shizzle

That’s right, the rumor that actress Elizabeth Taylor would marry for the umpteenth time has been deemed untrue.

Dame Liz herself said so, on her Twitter page.

Yes, Dame Elizabeth has a Twitter page. About her so-called engagement, she says the rumors “simply aren’t true.” She adds that her rumored betrothed, Jason Winters, is her “dearest friend.”

Here’s a photo of Liz with her fourth husband:

Liz Taylor to Marry?

US magazine reports that screen legend Liz Taylor is planning to get married again, for the ninth time.
The lucky man is Jason Winters, “who recently became Janet Jackson’s manager.” Winters works for Sterling Winters Management and is 49 years old. Liz is 78.