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Moby: Life After Stardom

Richard Melville Hall released the album Play in 1999. He sold millions of records, and there for a while it seemed like you couldn’t avoid hearing snatches of that record. The album made his stage name, Moby — a household word.

Killjoy Mayor to Detroit: ‘No Robocop Statue’

“If I were mayor of Detroit, my top priority would be a RoboCop statue.”So says one angry commenter, reacting to Mayor Dave Bing’s announcement that there will be no Robocop statue in Detroit.  It’s probably a good thing that said commenter is not mayor of Detroit

Brittany Murphy’s Career in PHOTOS

Actress Brittany Murphy died this morning at age 32. Here are some selected photos of Brittany Murphy from her career.

The Decade’s Most Irresistable Singles

Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” is the #1 single of the 00s, says Sarah Rodman of The Boston Globe. Lady GaGa and Eminem also make the list.