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Newspaper front pages from around the world on the day that Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America.Featuring: New York Post - USA. When: 09 Nov 2016.

A Coastal Elitist Votes for the Heartland

Coastal elites have been voting for the heartland for 50 years. The problem is that the heartland has been voting the other way.

Photo of George Bush

George Bush is Still Hating on Broccoli

This week a young child wrote to former President George Bush (the elder) to proclaim his love of broccoli. The president’s reply: Proud of young Cooper’s interest in healthy eating. …..

Occupation: Alpha Dog

One perk of being President of the United States:  When filling out your tax return, under Your occupation you get to write “U.S. President.”It’s the little things that count.