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Occupation: Alpha Dog

One perk of being President of the United States:  When filling out your tax return, under Your occupation you get to write “U.S. President.”

barack1%2Cjpg.jpgIt’s the little things that count.

Last week as I looked over the first-year tax returns of the last six presidents, I also took a peek at how each described his occupation on form 1040.  The results, plus the listed occupations for wives:

James E. Carter:   President
Rosalynn Carter:   [blank]

Ronald W. Reagan:   U.S. President
Nancy D. Reagan:   First Lady

George H.W. Bush:   President
Barbara P. Bush:   Housewife

William J. Clinton:   U.S. President
Hillary Rodham Clinton:  Attorney

George W. Bush:   President
Laura W. Bush:   First Lady

Barack H. Obama:   US President
Michelle L. Obama:   US First Lady

So it’s even up: three for “U.S. President” and three for just “President.”  That’s because those socialistic commies Obama, Clinton and Reagan all felt they had to specify that they were president of the United States only. He-man patriots like the Bushes and Jimmy Carter know there’s one true president in the world, period.

I personally would have the urge to “push the envelope” by writing “U.S. President, Baby” or “Top Dog, Suckers” or simply “Numero Uno.”  You can’t spell Chief Executive without a little F-U-N. (Except for the ‘N’.) Anyway, what’s the IRS going to do, reject it?   

On the distaff side, it’s somehow surprising to see “housewife” listed as Barbara Bush’s job. Even 20 years ago you’d have thought that was a hot-button term; is it cynical to wonder if there was a political calculation there?  Maybe.  Still, the Bushes stuck with “housewife” as her occupation for the rest of his term, so they must have been satisfied.

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