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The Bush Twins are 30 Years Old

Gee, they were only 18 when their dad was elected president. Now the Bush Twins have turned 30.  Tempus fugits itself once again.

Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill: The Shame of It All

So Ginny Thomas — wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas — called Anita Hill this week, out of the blue, to ask for an apology.  The transcript of the phone message:

Alexander Haig, Secretary of State Under Reagan, Dead at 85

Alexander Haig, the former general who was Secretary of State when Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981, has died at age 85.The Washington Post obituary says the cause was “complications from an infection.”

Why Does David Souter Hate America’s Capital?

Justice David Souter will retire from the Supreme Court when its current session ends in July.After his two decades on the Court, the news seems to be all about how much Souter hates Washington, D.C.