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Why Does David Souter Hate America’s Capital?

Justice David Souter will retire from the Supreme Court when its current session ends in July.

After his two decades on the Court, the news seems to be all about how much Souter hates Washington, D.C.

“After 18 years in a city he loved to hate, Justice David H. Souter can finally bid Washington farewell.” (The AP)

“…he has always made clear that he does not enjoy life in Washington. At the end of the term, Souter, a bachelor, typically races out of town to his home in New Hampshire.” (USA Today)

“Souter has never made any secret of his dislike for Washington, once telling acquaintances he had ‘the world’s best job in the world’s worst city.'” (The NY Daily News)

“A big city can be paradoxically lonely for a person like Souter, and it looks like he simply did not want to spend his remaining years in such a place.” (The National Post)

Cut him some slack! He did get mugged there a few years back, after all.

Good luck to you, Justice Souter, wherever you’re headed.

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