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The Bush Twins are 30 Years Old

Gee, they were only 18 when their dad was elected president. Now the Bush Twins have turned 30.  Tempus fugits itself once again.

Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager — better known as the Bush Twins — turn 30 years old today. They were born on 25 November 1981.  That was the same year that their grandfather, George Bush, became Vice President of the United States.

You may remember them as the First Daughters from the eight years when their father, George W. Bush, was president of the United States. (They’re seen above at the 2004 Republican convention.) Or you may remember them as Twinkle and Turquoise, their Secret Service names.

Jenna, the blonde twin, is already married and so her life is a boring done deal. She was wed to Henry Hager in 2008, in the last full year of her father’s presidency.

Barbara, the dark-haired twin, is the oldest by a few seconds. (The twins were born via Caesarian section at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas — a fact it took us some trouble to uncover a few years ago.) She is the president (and co-founder) of Global Health Corps and earlier this year made a video in support of marriage equality in New York.

Happy 30th to them both.

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