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A young man in an old-fashioned football jersey with the number 39

From Dropout to Doctorate: A Bill Cosby Educational Timeline

{Editor’s note: First published on December 5, 2010. See our Bill Cosby biography for updates on his later convictions and imprisonment.} “My father said, ‘Junior, it takes a man to play …..

George Vecsey Knows Cincinnati

Here’s a great column by my favorite sports columnist, George Vescey, on Cincinnati baseball hero Joey Votto.

Tiger Woods Fan Goes Over the Top

Can’t resist pointing out this photo by Matt Sullivan for Reuters, taken during practice for this week’s PGA Championships.  The tournament is in Wisconsin — hence the cheese head atop the tiger.  (That is, atop the tiger with giant biceps and claws holding a golf ball on a tee. Atop a baseball cap.)

Kim Clijsters is Back!

Injured and exhausted at age 23, she retired in 2007. Had a baby in 2008. And returned in 2009. Kim Clijsters is back at the U.S. Open, godblessher. She won her first-round match in 58 minutes yesterday.