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Woody Allen: Nasty, Brutish and Short

The many crazy files over at The Daily Beast include this recent interview with filmmaker and professional misanthrope Woody Allen.

J.D. Salinger, War Hero

Something I didn’t know about J.D. Salinger: It’s hard to think of an American writer who had more combat
experience. He landed on Utah Beach on D-Day. Slawenski reports that of
the 3,080 members of Salinger’s regiment who landed with him on June 6,
1944, only 1,130 survived three weeks later.

Famous People Who Died in 2010

Here’s our big list.  It starts with feminist Mary Daly on January 3rd, and ends (so far) with JFK advisor Ted Sorensen on October 31st.Who was the most famous person to die in 2010? Tthere’s no real standout there. I give the nod either to Catcher in the Rye author J.D. Salinger, or to Hollywood icon Tony Curtis. 

J.D. Salinger, Author of ‘Catcher In the Rye,’ Dead at 91

Last year we noted that author J.D. Salinger was 90 and deaf. Now, alas, he’s 91 and dead.  Salinger passed away of natural causes, according to his son, at his remote compound in Cornish, New Hampshire.

J.D. Salinger Deaf, Ninety

J.D. Salinger is suing someone again. No surprise there, but this is a surprise: Court documents filed in the case describe Mr. Salinger, now 90, who lives in Cornish, N.H., as totally deaf, with ‘several age-related health problems,’ including a recently broken hip that has put him in a rehabilitation facility. Mr. Salinger has not been photographed or granted an interview for decades.Geez, he’s 90?

J.D. Salinger Speaks!

Besides setting the literary community abuzz, Salinger’s decision to come out of seclusion has allowed scholars access to his massive archive of unpublished work for the first time. So far, critics have examined three never-before-seen novels, eight novellas, and more than two dozen short stories — all of which appear to be Terminator fan fiction.So reports The Onion.

Trying to Meet Salinger

A journalist from the U.K. Spectator travels to the home of reclusive author J.D. Salinger and finds a writer who doesn’t want to meet people in "What I Heard at J.D. Salinger’s Doorstep."